Congratulations you are Life Code 2/11

The Father

Life Code: 2/11
The Father

Life lesson for Life Code 2: harmonious relationships.

UPSIDE: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cooperative, ideal partner, peace maker, charming, creative and independent

SHADOW: Moody, indecisive, susceptible

Celebrity Share with: David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Andrew Lloyd Webber

You Have A Superpower...

Your Intuition Has Guided Your Here

Connection to your inner world makes for a happy life.

The Life Code 2 energy is about the ultimate male frequency and vibration. It is the ‘Guru’ energy, the Buddha, Christ, or whichever belief system you may follow that involves a male as the figurehead. The energy of this area of the Tree of Life is non-physical; it is thought before form. Whatever you deem as ‘life force’, its frequency is this intelligence.

Life Code 2 means you are the ideal partner whether that is in love, friendship or business. Disharmony and unpleasant situations disturb you and you seek to create peace in troubled waters. You are very pleasing to people, your charm ignites a room and impresses even the most sullen of individuals. You are capable of mastering any group or environment without friction. You have a great ability for concentration and cooperation, the rewards of which come naturally to you but others can spend their lives searching for. Ideas are moulded into reality in your hands but you need the help and cooperation of others to bring them properly into fruition.

It’s also in your nature is to understand and forgive easily as you find it easy to see things from the perspective of others. Within troubled marriages, a Life Code 2 will do their best to resolve difficulties and will initiate change for the better. Your forgiving nature may though, at times, be a little too forgiving. Those of less integrity will attempt to take advantage of this.

Your darker energy is moody, undecided and oversensitive and easily influenced but you calm quickly to a place within yourself where you are able to forget what you were initially bothered by. You have an unusual ability to be comfortable on your own if you have to be, as you have a spirit of independence that makes you the perfect partner but also gives you the ability to feel emotional intimacy in all forms of relationships

Life Code paths help you connect to your inner world.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About The Results of Their 21-Day Healing Journey

​“It is amazing how my life has altered just by knowing how to respond to people. I used to react all the time. I was in a very unhappy situation and had been for years. Just by being shown how this map works and the Life Codes of the people in my life I suddenly had the courage to change what didn’t work for me. Now I am very, very happy with the changes.”

Gail Kingston, Tree of Life ‘trainee’

"My clothing has loosened and my choice of food/eating habits are changing without being consciously following an eating plan."
​Mandy LC1/10

"Since I started doing your meditations online with my number 8 codes - off cigarettes; off drink (as in alcohol), off junk food and for some reason I don’t miss any of them or have a craving like I’ve always had before."
​Nuala LC8

"Little consistent gains I.e My friends gave me an extra 11 days to have as a free gift to use spa/fitness and I’ve been given free flowers for two weeks running."
​Marina LC1/10

"I am much calmer around others. There is more space in each moment because the chatter in my head is calm. I am much more clear."
​Elizabeth LC3

"My relationship with my son changed overnight."
​Sadie LC7

"Without any effort on my behalf I have been asked to step in on short notice to play a part in a theatre production, while my friend has to have an operation. I have wanted to be part of this theatre group for over a year (they are very popular, and very good) and there has literally been no room for newcomers. Then a phone call, out of the blue, and I'm in. No jumble sale elbow battle required."
​Sarah LC7

"Since I started doing your meditations online with my number 8 codes - off cigarettes; off drink (as in alcohol), off junk food and for some reason I don’t miss any of them or have a craving like I’ve always had before."
​Nuala LC8

My most recent problem neighbour (there have been 3) has been silenced by management after someone else complained about her noise. Also, I was invited to a party by another neighbour and we've begun planning more events. Lastly, I was able to return a damaged item that I bought online and in its place, I bought 4 items that are much more useful.
Karen LC8

"I had a conversation with one of the trustees from a family account (who has been quite adversarial in the past, cutting my personal budget last year, despite it not having been increased in four years, me living in a foreign country, and my expenses clearly being many times higher than ever), and she almost immediately volunteered to write a discretionary request to have my trust pay for eight different major expenses, a level of support that I haven’t hoped for in 6 years!"
Alexandra LC9

"A little block has unlocked that I've had about being honest and vulnerable around other people. It's made me a lot more emotional which has felt uncomfortable initially but much better afterwards. It has enabled more openness, and healthy boundaries when appropriate. I am a quiet, introverted personality type and this has helped me to be a bit more comfortable talking to other people.."
​Lisa LC6

I approached a specialist holiday company who were looking for art tutors before Xmas. Someone from the company rang me because I had ordered a brochure but when I told her I had applied as a tutor she said the opportunity was closed but she would pass on my details. The next day they emailed me and requested a zoom meeting. This summer I am now teaching at luxury holiday villas with this award winning company for 3 weeks in Sicily, Tuscany and Andalusia - and-da-loo-sha. I am over the moon.
​Julie LC7

I noticed how swiftly I communicated my boundaries and put my foot down when anyone is disrespectful. I suit myself more and notice people are more ‘pleasing’ to me. This is so much fun, especially as I used to be such a people pleaser!
Deirdre LC7

"I started 3 days ago and yesterday I received £3k in my bank account!!
Previously when I’ve received a windfall I felt quite unwell for days, always feeling better in survival-mode of having no money. What I have noticed over the past few weeks is that I have felt stable, quiet, grounded...
So, yesterday I paid off the credit card bill (which I’d run up on Deliveroo - pizza and cake - £1250!!), put the money in my savings account, without the worry of it being for a rainy day, rejoined the Circle and feel ok, not been triggered at all."
​Jane LC8

Ready to go deeper?

Take the 21-Day Journey...

Step 1 (you've already done it!) is to know what your Life Code number is. Our Life Code number is unique to each of us and it serves as YOUR gateway to YOUR spiritual journey.

Step 2 is to dive into the USync experience. USync helps synchronize the 3 elements of the Universe, your Unconscious and you together, so you feel more integrated and connected in your internal world.

Inside the USync experience you will find a very specific, personalised sequence of 21 meditations designed to guide you one step at a time up the consciousness line, through the middle of the tree of life, however each Life Code’s path is different, which is why each Life Code requires a unique sequence of meditations.


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Q: Do you store my birthdate?

No, we don’t store your birthdate, the calculator is simply to work out your Life Code number.

Q: What can I use my Life Code for?

Our monthly Life Code predictions offer you insight into your month ahead. You also have access to the Life Code Personalisations which give you insight into how others interact with you.

Q: What are the Life Codes?

The Life Codes are a unique blend of numerology and the Tree of Life, offering personalised insights into your individual journey. They help you understand your intuitive strengths and how to harness them effectively.

Q: How can Life Codes help me as a highly sensitive and intuitive person?

Life Codes are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your innate abilities. They can guide you in navigating your sensitivity and intuition, helping you turn these traits into empowering tools for personal growth and fulfillment.

Q: Are Life Codes suitable for everyone?

Life Codes are particularly resonant for those who identify with being highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive. However, anyone interested in exploring the deeper aspects of their personality and life path can benefit from them.

Q: Can Life Codes predict my future?

Rather than predicting the future, Life Codes offer insights into your potential paths and patterns. They help you understand your natural tendencies and how you can use them to shape your future positivel

Q: How do Life Codes differ from standard numerology?

While traditional numerology focuses on the significance of numbers in your life, Life Codes integrate these insights with the mystical aspects of the Tree of Life. This combination offers a more comprehensive and personalised perspective.

Q: I often feel overwhelmed by my sensitivity. Can Life Codes help me manage this?

Yes, Life Codes can provide strategies and insights on how to manage and embrace your sensitivity. They can guide you in finding balance and turning your sensitivity into a strength.

Q: How often should I consult my Life Codes?

Life Codes can be revisited as often as you feel necessary. They serve as a guide that can be referenced at different stages of your life or whenever you seek clarity and direction.

Q: Can Life Codes help me find my purpose or meaningful work?

Absolutely. Life Codes can be a powerful tool in discovering your purpose and aligning your career or daily activities with your innate sensitivities and strengths.

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