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As a child every Saturday morning started with my mother dropping me off at the local library before she went on to marvel at my sister twirling gracefully in her dance class
(I have two left-feet!)

I sought refuge in the quiet corners. There, nestled between the stacks, I journeyed through worlds crafted from words, my imagination unfurling like the pages before me.


Soon my sanctuary shifted to Mysteries, an enchanting bookshop tucked away just off Covent Garden in central London. Each visit began with the gentle chime of the bell above the door, ushering me into a realm of tranquillity where time seemed to stand still, surrounded by the scent of old paper and the whisper of turning pages.

It was within the hallowed halls of the Theosophical Society's library and the mystical ambience of Mysteries I first encountered the Qabalah—or as it is more commonly known, the Tree of Life.

It was within the hallowed halls of the Theosophical Society's library and the mystical ambience of Mysteries I first encountered the Qabalah—or as it is more commonly known, the Tree of Life. This ancient framework, with its intricate web of paths and spheres, latched onto my soul with an unyielding grip. It offered a promise of deeper connections, not just with my inner self but with the very fabric of the Universe, beckoning me toward he mysteries of the unconscious and the enhancement of my intuition.

For years, I delved into everything I could lay my hands on related to Qabalah, each book a new doorway to knowledge. Yet, as I attempted to share this profound wisdom with my students, I was met with blank stares and glazed eyes. The vast ocean of Qabalah's interpretations and complex symbolism seemed impenetrable, its depths unreachable.

Then, amidst the frustration and the fading hope of ever unlocking its secrets for others, a revelation dawned on me. 

What if the ancient wisdom of the Tree of Life could be melded with the personal significance of numerology? The idea sparked like a lighthouse in the fog—a fusion of the mystical pathways of the Tree with the numerology tied to one's birthdate.

Simply enter your date of birth to reveal your Life Code, so you can start a journey of self-discovery and empowerment today.

Your path to a better understanding of yourself and an enriched life is waiting.

Life Code Calculator

But what does this mean?

Discover what your Life Code means now.


Q: Do you store my birthdate?

A: No, we don’t store your birthdate, the calculator is simply to work out your Life Code number.

Q: What can I use my Life Code for?

A: Our monthly Life Code predictions offer you insight into your month ahead. You also have access to the Life Code Personalisations which give you insight into how others interact with you.

Q: What are the Life Codes?

A: The Life Codes are a unique blend of numerology and the Tree of Life, offering personalised insights into your individual journey. They help you understand your intuitive strengths and how to harness them effectively.

Q: How can Life Codes help me as a highly sensitive and intuitive person?

A: Life Codes are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your innate abilities. They can guide you in navigating your sensitivity and intuition, helping you turn these traits into empowering tools for personal growth and fulfilment.

Q: Are Life Codes suitable for everyone?

A: Life Codes are particularly resonant for those who identify with being highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive. However, anyone interested in exploring the deeper aspects of their personality and life path can benefit from them.

Q: Can Life Codes predict my future?

A: Rather than predicting the future, Life Codes offer insights into your potential paths and patterns. They help you understand your natural tendencies and how you can use them to shape your future positively.

Q: How do Life Codes differ from standard numerology?

A: While traditional numerology focuses on the significance of numbers in your life, Life Codes integrate these insights with the mystical aspects of the Tree of Life. This combination offers a more comprehensive and personalised perspective.

Q: I often feel overwhelmed by my sensitivity. Can Life Codes help me manage this?

A: Yes, Life Codes can provide strategies and insights on how to manage and embrace your sensitivity. They can guide you in finding balance and turning your sensitivity into a strength.

Q: How often should I consult my Life Codes?

A: Life Codes can be revisited as often as you feel necessary. They serve as a guide that can be referenced at different stages of your life or whenever you seek clarity and direction.

Q: Can Life Codes help me find my purpose or meaningful work?

A: Absolutely. Life Codes can be a powerful tool in discovering your purpose and aligning your career or daily activities with your innate sensitivities and strengths.

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